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Titanic Brewery - Triple Screw
Titanic Brewery - Triple Screw
Titanic Brewery - Triple Screw

Triple Screw ABV 4.5%

Deeply hoppy, stunningly malty and delightfully smooth,this three pronged attack on the taste buds is a treat for all beer lovers. Propel yourself to the bar for a Triple Screw.

STYLE traditional English Harvest Ale
see dark ruby
smell Rich and malty with a hint of hops
taste Deeply hoppy, malty and smooth
BITTER Bitterness 6 out of 5
SWEET Sweetness 6 out of 5

Clare says: I have been searching for this beer for 8 years! The only time I have ever had the great fortune to stumble across it was during a camping holiday. We treked over fields and through woods in the dark, my husband assured me 'yes, there is definitely a pub this way, this is a short cut'. We had our two young sons in tow and I was on crutches with my foot and leg in plaster. Huge sense of humour failure after the first hour of bramble scratches and ploughed fields, only to be rescued by the Titanic Triple Screw. The most delicious drink on the planet and I'm so glad I've found it again so that I can sit back, enjoy a pint or so and relive all those happy camping on crutches memories. Thank you Titanic Brewery :D

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