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Titanic Brewery - Plum Porter
Titanic Brewery - Plum Porter
Titanic Brewery - Plum Porter

Plum Porter ABV 4.9%

Plum Porter

This beer is dark strong and well rounded; the richness of such a rotund beer is brought to an even keel by the late addition of Goldings hops and natural plum flavouring. Take the opportunity and go for the low hanging fruit, this sumptuous beer really is a plum!






CAMRA Bromsgrove and Redditch Beer of the festival




CAMRA Long Eaton Beer of the Festival




CAMRA Middlewich Beer of the Festival




ACES     2012
Castle Rock Beer Of The Year     2012-13            
CAMRA Cornwall Branch 2013    
CAMRA Keighley and Craven Beer of the Festival 2013    
Castle Rock Beer Of The Year     2013-14
CAMRA Winchester                    2014    
CAMRA West Midlands 2014    
North Norfolk Railway - Beer of the Festival 2015    
Champion Beer Of Britain - Speciality Category 2015    
West Midlands CAMRA - Beer of the Year   2015  
West Midlands CAMRA - Beer of the Year: Speciality Category 2015    


STYLE Porter
see Deep REd
smell Plum, Raisin, Fruity
taste Soft, Plum, Vanilla
BITTER Bitterness 3 out of 5
SWEET Sweetness 7 out of 5

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Mike says: Had this on a trip to Liverpool in The Dispensary (a fantastic pub) now I have to find it in London. Its the best beer I have had this year!!

Adam Tolhurst says: Loved this beer! Tasted it in the Sherlock Holmes PH in Northumberland Avenue off Trafalger Square, London.

Karen Anderson says: Gingerly tried this at The Waverley Park Beer Fest, Isle of Wight and can honestly say it's the best I've EVER tasted! And NO headache!! Please send over your entire stock.....:-D

chris and muzz says: just had this in the maltings in york(our local)What a superb morish beer. The plum really comes through and makes a very lip smacking thirst quenching beer

Fantastically morish! says: Tried this beer for the first time whilst in Manchester this week, abolutely loved it. Before you even get a taste the smell of plums hits your nostrila. Then you get the lovely fruity taste of plums, it is fairly sweet and very morish!

Andy R says: Wonderfully complex smell and taste of plum bitter chocolate molasses, tried in a bottle from Lidl can't wait to try it on draught

PortsmouthPete says: The description of this beer by the brewery is correct. It is a dark, strong and full bodied beer with a beautiful plum taste.
A top class beer!
I discovered it in my regular, CAMRA awarded pub, "The Queen's Inn" in Gosport.
I will never understand why people insist on drinking tasteless yellow water that they call lager... ugh!

Ian C. says: Tried this at the Churnet Valley Rail Ale Trail. Very moreish. Best beer of the day.

Tony Forshaw says: I don't normally drink ale but on Saturday night I went to the Broomfield tavern in sponend Coventry and tried the plumb porter because they didn't have draft larger and to say the least me and my mate jock loved it I knew this because it was going down very well and very fast will defo drink it again 10 out of 10

Caravaggio says: I'm not an expert at describing beer, I know what I like, and I know what I don't! I can honestly say this is an excellent tasty beer. Try it for yourself. I found it to be thirst quenching, fruity, rich and good. Christmas pudding came to mind minus spice! Drunk today at the Pant yr Ochain.

Robin Foster says: What a fantastic ale! SpenT a week near leek. Nearly every day my wife and I went into the Roebuck for some plumb porter. Great ale great pub fab food.

Stewart Martin says: Had this at the Stratford Haven in Nottingham about 2 weeks ago - awesome. Went back last week and it had gone - get it back ASAP!! Great beer!!

Paul says: Had been waiting to try this but on my visit to The Sun in Stafford it wasn't on! Eventually managed to enjoy it the following week in Seighford. It was even better than I was expecting it to be! Wonderfully composed and the plum flavour and fragrance is amazing. Quite possibly the best pint i have ever had!

Graham says: Had a Pint in 'The Old Hall' Sandbach with my lunch. My Neice was so impressed, she had to have a half too! Excellent Brew!

John Timmins says: Loved this beer at Shrewsbury Folk Festival, it stopped me sampling many others as I kept coming back for more. Partner loved it just the same. As per previous comment.... When can I get this in bottles to take home and for Christams presents?

Robin Foster says: Tried the keg version of the plumb porter at the Sun Stafford beer festival. I must say it works very well.. I love this porter (Titanics best brew) and its great whichever form you drink it

Gerard says: This plum goodness is one of my all time best porters, shared by me and my good friends, we come to the dispensary in Liverpool atleast once or twice a week to make sure they keep it on tap!

Pete says: I dont normally go for dark ales but as I was getting a bit bored of the usuals I manned up and gave it a go. I didnt have to, it was fantastic! So much plumb, but not too sweet or too savory, just right. Im converted! If you like a cherry beer now and then, this will fit your tastebuds. I had another pint straight afterwards. Well done

Royboy says: Been a fan of Titanic brews since Sandbach Beer Festival 2011. Returned this year only to find this amazing drop. Best beer of festival by far. Need to find somewhere in east Manchester that sells this!

Rob says: Was lucky enough to have some Plum Porter in The Nag's Head in Reading, absolutely brilliant, can't wait for its return.

Maurice says: I had this in The Jolly Sailor pub in Saltford and it is probably the best beer I've had for years. Beautiful flavour and deserved the Camra Gold Medal. My partner wants to know whether it is suitable for vegetarians?

Debbie Neylan says: The best tasting beer ever, where can I buy it!!

Steve Cobbett fae Brig O Turk says: Had this at our annual festival at the Waverley Callander....without a doubt the beer of the festival and my favourite ale for a long time!!

Dave Mole says: Sampled this at the Roebuck in Leek, this is without doubt one of the finest brews I have tasted, simply delicious.

Mike says: Had this at the Home Sweet Home beer festival 'Rokefest' an absolutely awesome beer.

Dave says: I had this at the Keswick beer festival, and as far as I'm concerned this was the beer of the festival - fantastic beer

Andy Glover says: I look forward to my weekly trip to The Roebuck, Leek, just to drink what must be one of the best real beers known to man.

Rob D says: i tasted at the Bridge End Inn beer fest in Ruabon, North Wales

Phil in Gloucester says: Please please please release this beer in bottles. It really is superb and needs to be enjoyed at home as well as at the pub

Andy says says: Had this at the Jolly Crispin, Gornal. Excellent is it going to be bottled?

pete says: had a pint of this at the newly opened wetherspoons in cheadle staffs/ went back a week later to get another. totally sold out. absolutely gutted. never been excited to go back and revisit a pint like plum porter. please sell it in bottles or get the word round

Kai says: Itīs great in intensity and the fruity note is fab. I often match it with a sweat treat like scones which is absolute delightful. What a luck this beer became regular at the upstairs bar in The Wellington in Brum.

Markisdan says: Great Beer very flavoursome and hearty goes down a treat

Nicky Gee says: I tried this recently in The Golden Eagle, Derby. I will miss this fantastic brew when the barrel runs out. Look forward to tasting it soon though, I may have to seek out an alternative boozer where they have it on, I don't mind driving 50 miles for the taste of this one.

Andy says: Have been loving this beer for a while now. First tried it in the Dispensary in Liverpool. It's not avaiable widely enough

Kai says: What a pleasureful flavoursome experience. Great when you enjoy it with a sweet treat. Furtunatly itīs now avaiable as a regular in the Wellington in Brum.

Chris Thatcher says: Just had this in Ebenezer in Hythe Hands beer festival fab beer City.

Andy says: Sampled this today for the 1st time fantastic taste and smell, it has a dark rich color.very nice will be returning to the old courthouse in Dudley.

Jim P says: I bought a pint of Plum Porter out of curiosity after a very pleasant walk through the New Forest at Fritham. I am hooked and will not be satisfied until I can find a pub in Norfolf to have a pint or two more of this superb ale

Michael Peach says: As soon as I tried Plum Porter it became my favorite Titanic brew, I'm lucky to have the White Star pub on my doorstep where it's on all the time. A first class tasty, fruity ale.

steve of sandbach says: Had this brew first at the old hall in sandbach, every time we go now we look for it. Lovely brew.

Dean Lewington says: Despite drinking real ale for nearly 20 years I'm embarrassed to says this was the first time I've tried porter. If the Titanic plumb is anything go by I've been missing a trick.
The sweet scent of plumb hits you on the nose as you raise the glass. The taste is deep & full bodied, perfectly balanced malt & sweet plumb flavours. Very moorish & the perfect winter pint on a day when the mercury dropped to minus 5. In perfect condition at White Swan Leighton Buzzard.

Scott says: Tried this in The Commercial Rooms in Bristol yesterday. It made my day. Cracking beer. Need to find it again.

DorzetRob says: Just tried this ale at The Highworth beer festival, what a beautiful brew! The first pint I drew from the barrel was like walking through a plum orchard, sweet, warm and deliscious.

Chris says: We had this on recently at the Puzzle Hall Inn at Sowerby Bridge. It was fantastic and went down really well... so well in fact that I've ordered some more!

ozy says: had some at the kings head, huddersfield. Superb, rich, fruity brew. had 3 pints actually really tasty

Shake my stick says: Had this in 'The Fleece' in Otley. Storming good stuff. Oi, Leeds + Bradford CAMRA, get this beer in't festivals!!

Cestrian says: The old harkers arms in Chester has this beer on regularly... They claim to have shifted an 18 in an day recently... A fantastic plummy, gorgeous beer!!

Andy says: I drank this in the Dispensary in Liverpool fantastic beer kept in perfect condition. had to have another as very moorish!

Mark G says: Had a couple of pints of this lovely beer in the Bath Hotel in Sheffield today before going to see the Blades play Torquay in the FA cup - the beer performed better.

Gem says: I had this in The Harp in Covent Garden. I wasn't expecting to be able to taste the plum as much as I did. It was absolutely delicious.

Dan M says: Just had this in the Sir Loin of Beef, Portsmouth. This was the best beer (in the best pub) from 11 pubs on our christmas pub crawl. Christmas pud in a pint pot. Superb.

Phil g says: First had this beer In the White Star in Stoke-on-Trent I couldn't believe my tastebuds my favourite beer by far. I have since moved to Liverpool and I have noticed it is spreading across many establishments across Town, the dispensary in town keys on tap Permanently! Made my year to find that out. Good good beer, in fact I'll think I'll have one now!

Christmas Spirit says: Delicious! managed to squeeze 2 halves out of the barrel,returned the following evening to find it had run out. Now on a mission to find some more. The Old Harkers Inn Chester

Brian of bolton says: I had this in the trackside in bury. The besr ale i've had all year, very morish and full of flavour.

Ian Melbourne says: Tried this in The Duke Of William in Burslem, absolutely gorgeous drink, can't wait for my next pint or two of it.

John redfern says: Gave one a go in the Healey in Rochdale soon turned into three very easy drinking delicious brew please keep making. Can only describe it as Guinness and black only nicer.

Ros says: I had this at The Old Ale Transporter in Henlow Camp, lovely ale delicious hope u start to bottle it for home drinking

Richard says: Wow, love a nice beer in a nice pub that can keep beer nice!
Pint of plum juice at the Travelelers in Hipperholme, superb!!!
Well done Titanic, I will follow this one!

Andy says: Had this porter in Fitzgerald's in Sunderland & it's the best Porter I've tasted!!Smooth,full of flavour & so quaffable.God bless Titanic Brewery & all beers brewed in her!!!!

Gareth Watkins says: First on my list at this years Reading Beer Festival. Sadly barrel run dry by time went back form more.

Andy Mogford says: Had a few be vies of this excellent brew with John and Stuart at 'The Badger' in Church Minshull, (Cheshire), was absolute nectar 😀😉

Caroline says: Had a glass on Saturday at The Tabard in Turnham Green - wish I'd had time for more. They said they'd been battling to have it in for three years. I'm very glad they achieved it in time for our visit. Scrumptious!

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