ABV 6.5%

Plum Porter Grand Reserved Port Infused 5ltr Mini Keg


5 litre mini kegs are a great way to enjoy fresh beer straight from your fridge. That’s nearly 9 pints to savour at your leisure. Perfect.
Our mini kegs are different. The top incorporates a small canister for you to re-gas your beer as you go. That means you have longer to enjoy a cold beer (up to 30 days). So whether you’ve got a leisurely pint in mind or want to share a few quality pints, the mini-keg is for you.

Based on our multi-award winning Plum Porter, Grand Reserve is a darker, stronger special edition beer we produce in limited volumes in the winter. Its matured in our conditioning tanks for 21 days. The longer process and added strength gives this beer an even deeper, richer flavour. The perfect fireside pint on a dark, winter’s night!

TASTING NOTE: A connoisseur’s version of Plum Porter. Expect the same fruity, sweet tones with a stronger, more intense, matured taste. One to savour.

Allergen Advice: this beer contains barley & wheat.


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