ABV 3.8%

Steerage 5Ltr Mini Keg


5 litre mini kegs are a great way to enjoy fresh beer straight from your fridge. That’s nearly 9 pints to savour at your leisure. Perfect.
Our mini kegs are different. The top incorporates a small canister for you to re-gas your beer as you go. That means you have longer to enjoy a cold beer (up to 30 days). So whether you’ve got a leisurely pint in mind or want to share a few quality pints, the mini-keg is for you.

Steerage is a gold, refreshing, well-rounded session pale we first brewed as Titanic Best Bitter in 1986. Sit back, relax and enjoy the trip

TASTING NOTE: Soft fruity yet malty aromas with a slightly sweet taste on the palate.
Allergen Advice: this beer contains barley & wheat.

For best enjoyment please store in a cool environment.


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