Steerage passengers paid the least to travel aboard the Titanic but still found themselves surrounded by luxury they could never have dreamed of. This beer embodies the opulence that using only the finest ingredients brings, sit back relax and enjoy the trip that this refreshing clean drinking, hoppy golden bitter brings, then let the fruit, malt and predominantly hops carry through to the aftertaste.



Tasting Notes

  • SeeAmber
  • SmellFloral, Hoppy, Malty
  • TasteDry, Fruity, Sweet
Bitter 1 2 3 4 5
Sweet 1 2 3 4 5

Brewery Awards

Award Category Competition Year
GoldSession BitterPlymouth Ale Festival1993
BronzeSIBA Midlands2011


4 reviews for Steerage

  1. Steerage is probably the best session beer I have ever tried. More more more!

  2. A session beer that doesn’t taste like the hops have been missed out on the menu. Really great beer.

  3. Goes down nicely.

  4. Always been a fan of Titantic Beers but tried Steerage for the first time last night at the GBBF and stayed on it all night it was that good. Need to call and collect some for home consumption asap!

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