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Coming soon to your local Titanic Pub!


When the brewery was founded over 30 years ago it was done because John Pazio was fed up with uninteresting and ubiquitous beers and thought that brewing himself locally would allow him to bring new and interesting products to his customers. It has always been part of Titanic’s ethos to search out the very best products available to complement our own range of beers, recognising that we are not the only great brewers and that beer has a vast array of different flavours and styles with which we  may tempt our customers. All our products are chosen on quality not on the size of the brand owners marketing budget so when we reviewed our range of lagers, we knew it was time to look to the new wave of brewers producing lager with the same level of passion and commitment. We knew what we wanted, a great tasting alternative to mass produced brands. Step forward the team at Signature Brew, based in East London and with their fingers firmly on the craft brewing scenes pulse. We’ve watched closely as Studio Pilsner has been launched and we are so impressed, we have decided to add it to the range in our all our pubs. With an ABV of 4% so you don’t have to sip beer, ingredients chosen by brewers not accountants, a full maturation that allows the beer to fully develop and the technical expertise to produce clear, consistent, crisp, refreshing lager we think you will really enjoy this addition to our range!