Posted on Thursday, April 8th, 2021 in Beer News, Pub News

We are open Bank Holiday Monday..

Planning your bank holiday weekend? Why not visit a Titanic pub?

Good news. Those pubs we have been able to open so far will also be open Bank Holiday Monday. Happy days!🍻 Remember it’s outdoor only and everybody MUST register.

For more details on how to book, go to Our Pubs section (here) or check out each pub’s Facebook site (links below).

Our brewery shop is open 9am – 2pm

These are our pubs and bars which we will be open on Bank Holiday Monday. We look forward to seeing you.

Bod Newport –9am – 8pm. Facebook (bodnewport) or mail [email protected]

Bod Trentham – 9am – 9pm. Facebook (bodtrentham) or mail [email protected]

The Bulls Head – 12noon – 9pm. Facebook (BullsHeadTitanic) or mail [email protected]

The Cheshire Cheese –12noon – 9pm. Facebook (CheshireCheeseTitanic) or mail [email protected]

The Old Poets’ Corner – opens 12noon. Facebook (OldPoetsTitanic) or mail [email protected]

The Roebuck – 12noon – 10pm. Facebook (RoebuckTitanic) or mail [email protected]

The Sun – 12noon – 9pm. Facebook (TheSunTitanic) or mail [email protected]