Posted on Monday, September 27th, 2021 in Beer News, Pub News

We are working towards a sustainable future

Here at Titanic Brewery, sustainability is important. Our aim is to reuse and recycle as much as possible, so we do our bit for a cleaner, sustainable future. This means doing things differently. For example, we provide separate bins for all our pubs. Each bin is specific to different materials so they can all be separated for recycling rather than going to landfill. Other examples of how we are trying to reduce are carbon footprint include:

Solar Panels

Our brewery is using solar panels. They are cost efficient, reduce the air pollution allowing our beer to be brewed with clean, green energy.

No to plastic bin liners

Did you know none of our pubs or our brewery use plastic bin liners? As malt is a key ingredient in our beer, we get through a lot of malt sacks. Instead of using plastic bin liners that aren’t recyclable, we reuse our empty malt sacks sending them out to our pubs to use as their waste bags.


All the lights in our pubs and our brewery shop are LEDs, providing better light with less electricity – 85% less in fact. They also have a longer lifecycle meaning replacements are less frequent. Plus, our lightbulbs are recyclable, so there really is no downside.

Bottles and Labels

All our glass bottles are 100% recyclable along with their paper labels. This was key to us as they are the most sold item online and in our shop. We want to send our customers home with a product that can be recycled locally. Also, our reusable bod coffee cups are made from old cups that have been upcycled.

Local is important

Not only are the ingredients used in our beer sourced locally, so are the people that brew it! Most of our employees are local and work here to support the brewery that they have grown up loving and drinking from.

All these initiatives help us reduce our emissions within the brewery and across our pubs. With the help of our pub teams, we are continuously looking for new and improved ways to become more environmentally friendly. We feel by showing that we can brew beer and run our pubs more sustainably, we are setting a good industry example. If you have any questions or suggestions about Titanic Brewery’s approach to sustainability, do get in touch. Our mail address is [email protected] and we are @titanicbrewery on Facebook and TitanicBrewers on Twitter.